Cleaning and Rearranging the Store – Noir Studio Designs

You may have noticed that NOIR is kinda empty lol! Well everything is still there, for now, as I clean some house…. One thing that will change here is the format… Your’s truly is getting too old 😉 and the extra task of running 2 stores that ship goods physically is a little too much to handle. I already do that with the Collectibles Store, and that is enough for now…. So I decided to instead, make this store a showcase for my clothing and home decor designs, and with the exception for a small collection of special or limited products and designs, I will be directing buyers to my market outlets instead.

This will not only take a lot of strain off me, but make it better for you all as well. You will be able to get my products for a bit less because I won’t be doing the packing and shipping from my home base. Your products will arrive faster as well. 

Sometimes I create limited art on fashion or home decor that you will only be able to purchase through here, but most things will be found at my outlets.

I have sent all products that were visable to drafts, and what I will be doing is going through each product list and adding the direct links. This will be a long job, it will probably take me the next month lol, but hey, you know the direct links to all my outlets are on the Noir Store site (right here in the menus).

New Art On Fashion designs are also in the works and being added to most outlets. Check them all out for some cool designs.

Source: Cleaning and Rearranging the Store – Noir Studio Designs

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