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Win A NOIR Brand Product!

Treasured Scraps website is turning one year old and NOIR is loving it!

To celebrate, I am having a give away! What am I giving away?

Your choice of one of three products. You can choose one of our home decor Clocks, or a pair of our custom Socks, or dress up your car with one of our custom Licence Plates.

How does it work? There are 3 options for you to enter. The more you use these options, the greater your chance of winning.  

Option number one: Tweet us to twitter!  You can do this option EVERY DAY! Come back each day and raise your chances of winning.

Option number two:  Place a comment, or rate one of our products on the store website.  Be sure to comment or rate using your real name and email address, your address will not be posted, but I have to know who you are 😉

Option number three:  Visit and like NOIR on Facebook. You can obviously only do this entry once, but I promise you, there will be more givaways you will want to know about, and you will be helping another new business get off the ground, YAY YOU!

The contest starts at Midnight April 4th… and ends June 11th…. so you have lots of time to get your entries in, and raise your chances.

If you can not see the form below, just click the link and go to the page.

Here are links to the product categories that are available to choose from.

Keep in mind, a LOT more products will be added by June, so your choices will expand. If you have any suggestions for a custom design you would like to see in the store, you can always shoot me a message and make a request.



Custom artwork printed on quality fabrics. Items are created at time of order. Art On Fashion Online Store

Source: Sales – Noir Studio Designs – Noir Studio Designs

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