Life as a Clotheshorse

I know we all have a little fashion diva inside, no matter how small, and mine has never been without a little kick and fanfare at times.

I had a great little shop in Los Angeles for a few years on Melrose Avenue called A Capricorns, 2 blocks from Paramount Studios. It had a wonderful space upstairs for my clothing manufacturing, and the boutique featured a mix of vintage, and antique clothing and accessories, designer resale I received from an elite group of clients, as well as my own creations.

I guess I got a little bit of the fashion bug from my Mom, who was always as talented as they come, and in the 40’s and 50’s had her own clothing line “Ester Creations” and created lines for name brands such as Lillie Rubin, and Moda.

Anyway, online digital has enabled me to again design fashion with the art I have been creating the last decade or so. I will never lose the bug for art, fashion, and vintage and antique collecting, so take a ride with me as I journey through my passion.


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